Quick answers to common questions regarding your RAVEN MPV.

If I purchase a raven without a mowing deck can I acquire one later?

The Ravens that are sold without a mowing deck, you will not be able to aquire one for this machine. The specifications are set from the factory for these machines and they will not accept a mowing deck. And we cannot under any circumstances sell one for those machines.

Where can I locate a service dealer?

We have a service and parts dealer network in place to support your RAVEN MPV needs. To locate a service center just enter your zip code into our dealer locator page or contact our customer satisfaction team at 1 (888) 321-5700 or send us an email at contact@ravenamerica.com.

Can the mower deck be removed?

Yes, the mower deck is very easy to remove and re-attach. Lower the deck all the way down to the lowest mow setting, remove the three deck pins and unplug the red deck plug. Slide the deck out from under the MPV then raise the deck handle all the way up. For easy step-by-step instructions, check out our how to video here: removing the mower deck.

Why won’t the mower deck operate?

The MPV must be in Low Gear for the mower blades to engage. If that does not work, check to make sure the red deck plug is plugged in and that all switches on the generator panel are flipped to off. Check out our how to video for more assistance here: basic operation.

My MPV will start, but it will not move when I try and drive it. Why?

Your generator may be turned on. The Generator Mode button on the generator panel should be in the “OFF” position. Also check to see if the battery light is on. This light is located on the dash near the fuel gauge. If the light is on this may mean that your 48v battery needs to be charged.

I can’t get any power from the generator panel. Things are plugged in, but they do not work. Why?

The parking brake must be engaged. The Generator Panel On/Off switch should be in the “ON” position as well as the plug that you are using to power your appliances must be turned on as well. Next, check all the reset switches on the front of the generator panel.

Will the MPV accept pull behind attachments?

Yes, they simply attach with a clevis pin to the rear hitch pin hole. The MPV can pull up to 550 lbs.

How often do I have to charge the battery?

Any time the gas engine is running the batteries are being charged. However, after a period of time you will still need to charge the 12v battery and the 48v battery to ensure a full charge. The 12v battery can be charged with the charger that come with the mower when you purchase it. This charger plugs into the generator panel and the other end into a wall outlet. The 48v battery can be charged fully by setting the parking brake and let the machine run in idle for approximately 30 mins. There is also an external charger that is sold separate for this battery.

Why does the engine shut off when the operator gets off?

All riding mowers have an operator presence system which will not allow you to get off of the seat with the engine running unless the blades are turned off and the parking brake is applied.