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Whatever you’ve got to do, the RAVEN MPV 7100 can help you get it done. It’s not just a 3-in-1, it’s a 1 and done. Utilizing gas/electric hybrid technology, the RAVEN MPV switches from mower to multi-purpose hybrid, to generator in minutes. Equipped with front ATV-style shocks, frame, and suspension, it’s a serious workhorse that’s seriously fun.

MPV 7100

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  • Mower

    46" Fabricated Deck

    The RAVEN MPV’s mowing deck is fabricated and reinforced with strong welds to give you long-lasting performance even in tough grass.

  • Mower

    10 Adjustable Cutting Heights

    Finely manicure most any terrain with the versatility of the RAVEN MPV's 10 adjustable cutting heights.

  • Mower

    14" Turning Radius

    With a 14” turning radius the RAVEN MPV makes it easy to maneuver around those tight turns. Helping you get the yard done in record time.

  • Mower

    Reverse Mowing

    Mow with precision. Get in and out of tight spots with the convenience of a reverse mowing capability.

  • Mower

    Electric Direct Drive Cutting System

    The RAVEN MPV gives you the advantage of a fully electric direct drive cutting system, meaning the power goes where you need it, directly to the blades.

  • Mower

    Cruise Control

    Riding for a while? Get ready to cruise. A steering wheel and foot pedals mean the RAVEN MPV drives like a car and lets you take on your lawn at speeds up to 6 mph.

  • Mower

    420 CC Engine

    A gasoline engine powers the onboard 7,100 watt generator. The generator powers the outlets and blades and charges the batteries.

  • Transport/Haul

    550 LBS Towing

    Haul lumber, bricks or yard debris up to 550lbs. Hook up a trailer (sold separately) to the trailer hitch and get the job done.

  • Transport/Haul

    17 MPH Max Speed

    Get where you need to go quickly. With a max speed of 17 mph in either gas or electric mode, the RAVEN MPV drives just like a car with a steering wheel and pedals.

  • Transport/Haul

    Off-Road Style Front Shocks

    A powder coated welded tubular steel frame and independent front shocks and suspension mean you’ll have a smooth ride that can take any bumps in the road with ease.

  • Transport/Haul

    Storage Bed

    Bring tools for the jobsite, sporting gear or just a drink cooler. Whatever you need you can bring it with you.

  • Transport/Haul

    LED Headlamps

    Shining bright. Hi-intensity LED headlamps will help ensure you find your way home at the end of the day.

  • Generator

    7100 Surge Watts

    Pick a power tool, any power tool. With a 6,500 running watt range and a surge of 7,100 watts, the RAVEN MPV can handle most anything you will need and take it anywhere you need it.

  • Generator

    8-Hour Half Load

    Get hours and hours of power without interruption. The RAVEN MPV can output 3,250 watts for 8 hours straight.

  • Generator

    5 Outlets

    The phone, computer, TV, DVD player and the coffee maker. 5 outlets means you can take the luxuries of modern life anywhere.

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7100 Series

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